November 11, 2019

How to check the debt status with a bailiff?

It usually starts innocently. We take a loan for a new TV, for example. We pay the first installment, then the second … During this time the washing machine broke down, so we go to the next loan company for money. We get a loan and this is where the problem begins, because now we have to pay back 2 liabilities at the same time. In one month we pay off one, and the next one until suddenly we lack money for basic things like food.

We stop paying back. There are reminders at home. The debt collection company calls several times a day. We do not react to this until the bailiff takes our debts. And now we are beginning to realize that we have a serious problem. The bailiff strictly enforces what we have to give back to the creditor (loan company). Asking and begging are unlikely to help.

We can get along with the bailiff, but we must “give something from ourselves” at this time. At the beginning it is best to check the debt status with the bailiff. In this article we will show you how to easily get information from an official about the amount of our debt.

Debt bailiffs – where do they come from?

Debt bailiffs - where do they come from?

Most often debt collection comes from our thoughtlessness and the strange “somehow it will be” principle. Loans are so easily available that we don’t even have to leave the house. We fill out the online application and even after 15 minutes we can get money to the account. How much we borrow is one thing, and what we give back should be the most important.

The loan interest rate is not a secret and this indicator is one of the most important criteria for choosing a given offer. If we do not know what the APRC is, we should not take loans online at all. Mindlessness in borrowing is that we do not read the contract and we do not care about the repayment date. We live from day to day and forget that we have certain things that must be paid, because the lack of payment has consequences.

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“Somehow it will be” – so often say Poles with debt bailiffs. He will come, take what he takes and I will have peace. In fact, it’s not that simple. If the debts are large, bailiffs will last for years. Therefore, the false thinking that debt is not serious for a bailiff is very bad. It’s best to stay ahead of the facts and think what might happen if I can’t pay the installment I have paid. Can I just afford to pay back my loan? If the answer to these 2 questions is negative, it is best to refrain from taking loans.

How much is the debt?

How much is the debt?

Information on the amount of debt is a public element. In any case, if the debtor wants to check the debt with the bailiff, he is obliged to answer. If, however, we notice the reluctance of a government official or he does not want to tell us anything, in this case we can complain about the actions of the bailiff.

A good solution to check your debt is to ask the debtors’ databases such as BIK, KRD or ERIF for a free report. In it, we will receive information about the amount of debt and the company. In each database, at least once a year, we can pull out a report without incurring any costs. If we are in databases, it is worth monitoring the amount of debt, and the best way is to contact the databases directly.

Sometimes it may happen that the creditor “overslept” and after a few years it only turns to us for overdue money. Of course he has the full right to do so, but many debts have their own expiration date. How long does the debt expire? – in this article we have described in detail after how many years the given debt expires. It’s worth keeping an eye on it, because if we don’t know it, we have unnecessary stress.

The creditor often also does not know that the debt has expired and in fact will no longer recover his money and thinks that he can enforce it from us for the rest of his life. If for a long time he did not try to recover the debt, and just woke up after many years, it may already be too late. We just have to remember that if we notice that a given debt is expired, it is enough to contact the creditor directly with this information and that’s it.

How to check the debt with a court bailiff?


As we have already mentioned, information on the debt status of the debtor must be public and the bailiff cannot withhold it . In any case, if we do not know something or have some doubts about the amount of debt, we should immediately inform the executor. Having reports from the bases we know exactly how much the debt should be. All doubts should be easily dispelled by a court bailiff.

Debt check with a court bailiff is also possible thanks to a letter from the bailiff. It will contain all the details about the execution and the repayment period.

Application for debt status at the bailiff

Application for debt status at the bailiff

On the Internet, we can meet many ‘experts’ who will help you with your debt application. But it is simple enough that we do not need legal knowledge to write it yourself. It contains only the following elements, which we can easily include ourselves.

In order to obtain information from the debt collector about the state of debt, we should include in the application:

  • the letter must begin with the town and current date;
  • our personal data;
  • details of the company with whom we owe;
  • details of the bailiff who is dealing with the case;
  • the file reference number and description, most often it is “I am asking for information on the current state of debt”;
  • at the very end we must provide our legible signature.

Sometimes people call, send emails or sms to find out about the state of debt. In this case, the bailiff is not required to provide such information. The only right way is the above conclusion. You can create it in less than 10 minutes. Remember to send it by registered mail with confirmation of receipt. Keep all confirmations in case the letter is lost.

The debt status of a bailiff is the first step to analyzing debt repayment. If we know exactly how much we owe and in what period we have to pay it back, then we can arrange our home budget so that we can easily pay back the arrears.

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