January 3, 2020

Advantageous mortgage loan

Living in your own house or apartment is the dream of many young families and students after school. According to the latest surveys, young people move out of their native nest year after year.

Of course, this is due to a lack of finance and jobs. If you also want to become independent, but do not know where to get the much needed money for your own housing , we have an interesting tip for you, which is a new advantageous mortgage from Astro Finance .

What makes a Astro Finance advantageous mortgage so specific?

What makes a Loan and Credit advantageous mortgage so specific?

A convenient mortgage from Astro Finance is always one step ahead of its competitors. The mortgage is provided to those interested in new housing completely free of charge, so you do not pay for its settlement or the approval itself. Other banks charge a few thousand extra for mortgage approval.

With Astro Finance mortgage you do not pay even a crown on the fees for maintaining or managing the mortgage. The total amount of money that can be provided to you through this bank is up to 80% of the estimated price of the property you are looking for.

Mortgage amount and repayment period


The minimum amount you can get with Astro Finance Mortgage is $ 10,000. The upper limit of the mortgage is not limited and is determined by the estimated price of the property. Also, the repayment period of the borrowed funds is purely individual and ranges from 1 to 40 years.

What can Astro Finance mortgage be provided for?

A mortgage is most often providing for the purchase and furnishing of new or older real estate. However, a mortgage can also be used to refinance an older mortgage that you took at another bank house.

If you are still unsure whether your mortgage from Astro Finance really pays off, try a tool called Mortgage Comparison and choose the mortgage that best suits your needs and requirements. Make your dream come true with your own home – now it’s easy with Astro Finance’s mortgage.


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